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Medical Uses for Scorpion Venom

Scorpion venom for sale is a substance that has recently gone through testing to determine its possible benefits for human medicine. It seems that scorpion venom for sale is more than a potentially dangerous defense mechanism for a funny looking arachnid. Current research on scorpion venom is slow going, but there are a number of medical possibilities. Some people believe scorpion venom can one day be used to cure Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has already been explored to help with some cases of multiple sclerosis and cancer, and to help with heart transplants.

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Pain Management with Scorpion Venom

Some people hope scorpion venom will be used as a painkiller one day. Pain is so debilitating to patients that doctors are always hoping for some better way to manage it. Early research has found that painkillers derived from a chemical in scorpion venom are very effective for certain types of pain. The key will be to determine what side effects it causes. Most new medications that have emerged for pain management have been extremely addicting, causing the huge prescription drug epidemic in our world today. Therefore, researchers are being very cautious about possible addiction to scorpion venom.

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These toxins can have very potent effects. For instance, one particular small peptide, known as TsAP-1, isolated from the Brazilian yellow scorpion (Tityus serrulatus), has both anti-microbial and anti-cancer properties. However, this does not come without problems as these toxins kill both tumours and healthy cells. One method to control such toxicity is through using nanotechnology to build specially made drug-delivery vehicles. If successful, the toxic drug is released to kill only unwanted tissues in a body. Here at Bunky Venom Pharmacy Limited we have Horseshoe Crab Blood For Sale now at great prices with discreet packaging and free shipping worldwide. Looking a little closer to home, much research has been done on our own venomous scorpions, and in particular, the Transvaal tick-tailed scorpion (Parabuthus transvaalicus). This scorpion has proven really interesting as it has two different  ‘types’ of venom, one seemingly used for mammal deterrent and small prey, and the other more potent yet complex venom for ‘in case of emergency’.

Snake Venom for Sale  

Most at times, those who order snake venom for sale (venoms) online that is, scorpion, snake or spider venom, for its pharmaceutical/health/research benefits have difficulties with their purchases. Thus, we want to make scorpion venom sales to be as easy as possible. This will also reduce the risk one might take to get it from the streets (poor purity). You can now buy toad venom online or Visit our shop page now to select the product you want. Then, you add to cart and with desired quantity. You feel in your shipping information, select payment method and submit your order. We will get back to you asap. Respect minimum order and enjoy!!!